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Problem-solvers focusing on branding and innovative marketing strategies.

We help you
grow your business.

As a group of design, business and data science experts, we specialize in Brand Development, Design Thinking, and E-commerce that leads to success in a hyper dynamic Chinese market. We combine innovation with digital craftsmanship to help businesses fulfill their potential in China and overseas.

What we do

Branding, graphic design, retail and interior design, digital product development, hands on marketing strategy, e-commerce strategies for China that take advantage of the latest technology and trends. Contact us for specific needs!

Our partners

Our network consists of experts within each industry, with over 10 years of experience delivering positive results. Ask us!

Our creation

We offer smart designs and business solutions driven by data and user needs without compromising quality and personal touch.

Our Services

Empowering business owners with proven design and digital solutions.

Business Strategy

We dive to the heart of the challenge, and develop the right solution for your brand, with our local and international team.


We create cross-cultural content in both English and Chinese. Copy writing/editing, voice, video, and much more. We've got our fun quirky style and a professional tone too. Whatever fits your business and target market.

Branding & Identity

We elevate your brand story to the next level with product or service marketing strategies that live within your brand’s ecosystem, bringing your product or service direction to life.

Digital Marketing

We are experts in marketing including but not limit to social media marketing with Weibo, WeChat Official Account, and smart use of KOL, KOC and celebrities to maximize exposure and ROI.

Web Development

Along with our web design, we offer customized web development and maintenance services.

IOS & Android

We have a big mobile development team for iOS and Android, and successfully shipped multiple products, following each App Store's unique guidelines, as well as finding most efficient solutions for your application.


Good design is in our DNA. From wireframing, user-testing, to final UI execution to delivering simplicity to complex business problems.

WeChat DEVELOPMENT (H5, Mini-program)

We build customize H5 and mini-program to integrate our marketing strategy.


We have in-house architects and interior designers to deliver the best-fitted retail spaces and pop-ups, and often result in higher ROIs.


Our skills in digital marketing and web development are integrated into services in e-commerce.

Our Works


Over the last 3 years, we have helped and guided organizations to achieve outstanding results


We are based in the heart of Shanghai and Paris.
For business inquiries please send us an email: